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What is a Sokoke?

The Sokoke cat derives from the small Arabuko-Sokoke forest by the East coast of Kenya which makes Sokoke one of the rarest cat breeds. There are only a few cats and breeders around the world, we are one of them!
We get 1-2 litters/year - all kittens grow up in our home environment.

A Sokoke is:

  • is independent, intelligent, proud and elegant.
  • is active and agile, they love to climb and jump.
  • is friendly and loving without being in your face.
  • is a social cat who enjoy the company of other cats.
  • a natural cat without any known genetic diseases.
  • shed very little since they hardly have any undercoat.

Do you think a Sokoke cat would suit you?

- Here you can find information about the Sokoke breed.
- Get in touch if you are interested in a Sokoke.

Our goals as breeders:

  • to bring up cats that are true to the breed standard.
  • to bring up family cats with a great and loving temperament.
  • we aim to spread the knowledge of this wonderful catbreed!
  • to get the colour variation "snow" approved by FIFe.